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Judith Weston - Two Lights Acting Studio, Los Angeles. Ca., U.S.A.
Acting Techniques for Directors, and
Advanced Course for Directors: Script Analysis & Rehearsal Techniques Workshop
Course Director: Judith Weston

International Film & TV Workshops, Rockport, Maine, U.S.A.
The Film Director’s Workshop - Master Class - David Jones.
Script & Story Structure Workshop - Christopher Keane
Camera in Action Workshop - Michael Hofstein, A.S.C.

Robert McKee Screenwriting Seminar, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Screenwriters Online Workshops, Los Angeles, USA
Next Draft Workshop - Susan Kouguell
Logline Workshop - Susan Kouguell
Logling Workshop - Christopher Lockhart
On Screenwriting Workshop - Paul Haggis

Australian National Playwrights’ Centre
Stage I and II, Playwrights’ Course
Course Director: Timothy Daly

Screenwriters’ Weekend
Ian David, Linda Aronson, Peter Neale, Kevin Roberts.

Australian Film, Television and Radio School
Actor/Director Workshop
Course Director: George Ogilvie

Actors’ Centre
Directors’ Workshop – ‘Directing the Actor’
Course Director: Ross McGregor

Australian Film, Television and Radio School
Advanced Directing Workshops
Course Director: Di Drew

Studied acting with Bryan Syron, ex Stella Adler, N.Y.

Ensemble Theatre, Sydney, Australia.
Studied acting with Hayes Gordon. Also studied voice and movement and worked
backstage for two years training in stage management,
lighting and sound design.

Australian Film, Television and Radio School
Production Management Course. Tutor - Lynne Gailey

Australian Film, Television and Radio School

Screen Writing Seminar with Linda Seger

Australian Centre for Photography
Basic Photography, Portraiture and Studio Lighting.

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